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Shanghai Tianpo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in the development of instrumentation industry, and with their own efforts to comprehensive technical, excellent service and achievements of the fastest reaction speed to provide a domestic instruments, accessories and supplies and technical support specialized companies. Companies in the "full range of services, the fastest, reasonable price" principle of service to the domestic metallurgy, iron and steel, machinery, tobacco, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, oil, nuclear power, medical and other records of instrumentation products for all needs and technical support areas.
As business needs, has established a branch in Guangzhou, with the company's business expansion and customer needs, the company plans to gradually set up Jinian Office, Wuhan Office, Chengdu office, in order to further provide services to customers.

Companies to provide products mainly include:
* A variety of temperature, humidity and temperature measuring instruments and recorders, temperature and humidity recorder, data acquisition.
* Recorder supplies (recording paper, recording pens, ribbons, print wheels, the print head, ink cartridges, inkjet heads, printing pin).
* A variety of recording instrument accessories, recorders supporting the use of thermocouples, temperature heat resistance, thermocouples wire, sensor.
* Video printer, video printing paper and accessories.
* Mini printer, thermal paper.
• Surface temperature indicating strips.
* A variety of instrument calibration and maintenance services. 

  • Data Recorder
    Recorder of the all brand, including data acquisition, temperature recorder, industrial recorder, temperature and humidity recorder.
  • Industrial Charts

    Instrument supporting the use of a variety of recording equipment, including records of temperature, humidity, voltage, etc.

  • Industrial Pens
    Variety of instruments supporting the use of the pen, including ink pens, ink cartridges mixing, thermal pen.
  • Ribbon Cassette

    Variety of instruments with matching ribbons, including monochrome, multicolor.

  • Video Printer

    Video print, including black and white thermal printing

  • Video Printing Papers

    Supporting the use of video printers

  • Temperature Strips

    Surface Temperature Indicating Strips

  • Mini Printer

    A small printer, serial or parallel port, print all kinds of data.

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